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Welcome to SimpliClean, a better way to clean carpets.

Do you know what makes SimpliClean's carpet cleaning methods so special? Our method is simply the best way to clean carpets.

Unlike traditional steam cleaning methods, which drench your carpet in water, we use a drier, oxygen-powered solution that breaks down dirt and stains into microscopic crystals, using only 5% of the water that steam cleaners use. And our carpet cleaning machines have powerful dual, counter-rotating brushes that dig deep into your carpet and pull out dirt and stains like magic!

Our method leaves your carpet looking and feeling brand new and dry in just an hour, while competitors using steam cleaning can take up to 36 hours to dry. We care about the environment too, which is why we use green carpet cleaning solutions that are safe and effective. So let us show you what we can do for you and your carpet!

*Depending on indoor relative humidity (RH) level, carpet fibers may be slightly damp after our process is completed. We guarantee NO-SOAKED carpets! For example, if you touch the carpet, you may notice a cool sense of moisture, but your fingers won’t feel any dampness, or in other words, no moisture will transfer to your skin. Your socks won’t get wet and you can start enjoying your floor immediately. All furniture can go back, etc.

** Apart from our regular cleaning process, SimpliClean also has the Spot Stain Removal product. This additional product is the most powerful carpet stain remover we use, and it only comes into play with very advanced carpet stains. The product isn’t included in the normal service, but it’s also not needed in the vast majority of homes. Our normal system can get out pretty much anything else. But in the event we use the spot treatment, we will treat just the local area with a full extraction method.


Dry Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation Method - Residential

Are you tired of soggy carpets and the risk of moisture damage to your home? Well, have no fear because SimpliClean's encapsulation cleaning is here!

This dry carpet cleaning method uses only a fraction of the water used in steam cleaning. That means no more gallons of water saturating your carpets, padding, and sub-floor. Our SimpliClean technicians can clean a whopping 1,000 square feet of carpet with as little as a single gallon of water. That's some serious H2O conservation!

Encapsulation is a process that uses physical contact to remove soil from fibers, suspending soil particles in a non-toxic polymer, where it crystalizes around the soil, literally encapsulating it. SimpliClean's products don’t stick to anything, except soil, when temporarily bonded to water molecules. This is what makes SimpliClean's encapsulation cleaning so effective. Dirt gets trapped, then it crystallizes before being vacuumed up. Wine, coffee, urine, milk disappears from your carpet. And when we’re finished, your carpet is dry!

Plus, with our meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee that every fiber of your carpet will be exceptionally clean. Say goodbye to pesky stains that keep reappearing from wick-back and hello to a carpet that's cleaner, softer, fluffier, and easier to vacuum. And the best part? It's safe for your family and pets to use your carpet during cleaning, and it's ready to enjoy immediately after service.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose SimpliClean's encapsulation cleaning and enjoy all the advantages, including no mold, mildew, bacteria, or other microbes, no sticky residue, and no need to move your furniture. It's a win-win situation!

Dry Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation Method - Commercial

Do you want a clean office carpet without having to shut down operations for days? Look no further than SimpliClean's encapsulation carpet cleaning! It's the trusted choice of office managers and building maintenance professionals for good reason.

Unlike portable carpet cleaning machines that leave behind a mess of chemicals and moisture, very-low-moisture technologies ensure your carpets can be cleaned during office hours without the risk of mold, mildew, dust mites, or exposure to harmful contaminants.

And with commercial dry carpet cleaning methods, your carpets can be safe to walk on in just thirty minutes! No chemical odors or VOCs here – everything we use on your carpets is non-toxic.

Our safety signage ensures that personnel can access most areas of the building during the cleaning process, so you don't have to worry about shutting down operations. Plus, our encapsulation cleaning method works wonders on all types of commercial carpet, including low-level-loop and low-cut pile carpet. We can even dry clean rugs and upholstery while we're at it!

Our baby-safe, very-low-moisture systems mean you don't have to deal with gallons of water, toxic chemicals, or sticky residue on your floors. And that's not all – wet carpets are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and dust mites. Trust us, you don't want those critters making themselves at home in your office.

Traditional steam cleaning systems may be common, but they come with a host of problems. They use harsh chemicals, release up to 50 gallons of water into your carpets, and can cause stains to "wick back" up to the surface days or even weeks later. Excessive moisture can also damage your carpets' underlayment and backing.

In short, wet carpets are a no-go. They create unsanitary conditions and can even harm your carpets in the long run. That's why SimpliClean uses a completely different and far more effective method of cleaning. We believe that you deserve clean fabric that's safe for your team and the environment, and we'll make sure you get it – without any downtime!


Dry Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning can transform your space in noticeable ways. We can clean carpets and rugs for both residential and commercial properties. This includes homes, apartments, office buildings, schools, places of worship and more! At SimpliClean, we use a thorough 4 step process to ensure that your carpet is spotless.

Pets Odor Elimination

Our Pets Odor Elimination combines our carpet cleaning services with an odor-eliminating treatment. We use a special pet stain carpet cleaner to destroy urine smells at the source, neutralizing odors for good, eliminating even the most stubborn urine odors and stains. Instead of simply masking urine odors,

we destroy the chemical compounds that cause these smells.

Upholstery Cleaning

We provide deep cleaning and stain removal services for upholstery furniture. Dirt and allergens can wear down the fibers within your furniture, which can dull the overall appearance.Using fabric-friendly cleaners that are catered to the fabric used, we remove unwanted dirt, dust, stains, allergens, and more!

Tile, Grout, and Hardwood Cleaning

We clean and restore the appearance of your stone, tile, or hardwood floors. To remove soil and dirt that has accumulated over the years, we utilize specialized cleaning solutions and equipment. So, stop scrubbing and cleaning your tile and grout lines on your hands and knees for hours.


We have a $150 minimum

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

$45 - Carpet Cleaning
(per room)*

$20+ - Hallway
(depending on size)

$3 - Staircase
(per step)

*living/dining room is considered 2 rooms

Area Rug Cleaning

$35-$85 - Area Rugs
(depending on size)

* we don't clean shag or viscose rugs

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Upholstery Cleaning

$10 - Dining Chair

(seat only)

$20 - Dining Chair

(seat & back)

$35 - Ottoman

$55 - Recliner / Accent Chair

$75 - Loveseat

(+$20 if cushions are removable)

$95 - Sofa

(+$30 if cushions are removable)

$165 - L-Sectional

(+$40 if cushions are removable)

Mattress Cleaning

$35 - Crib Size

$55 - Full/Twin Size

$75 - Queen Size

$95 - King Size

Tile, Grout, and Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

$0.95¢ - Tile cleaning

(per sq. ft - areas up to 300 sq.ft)

$0.75¢ - Tile cleaning

(per sq. ft - areas over 300 sq.ft)

Additional Services

$10 - Deodorizer

$20 - Pet Odor Enzyme Treatment

$10 - Upholstery Protector

(per seat)


Thank you for considering us. Years ago we created a business that resulted in friendships and relationships that we never could’ve imagined. I guess we could say the same for the business that has come of it as well. We pinch ourselves every day to be sure it’s real, because much of it feels like a dream.

From our very first day in the business, we thought about doing things differently. While everybody zigged, we zagged. We didn’t want to start just another carpet cleaning company. We wanted to create a better way to clean carpets - to provide our customers the very best service and results at a great value.

We are proud to say that after many long years of research and testing, our claim is that we have the best methods and practices in the carpet cleaning industry. Methods that deliver the cleanest carpets, quickest dry times (often dry before we leave), and the safest products to keep your family, pets, and environment safe.

We look forward to serving you soon!

– The SimpliClean Team

Kimmie R.

Frisco, TX

I love supporting good local businesses! I've used SimpiClean on several occasions and here's what I like about them: 1) Great communication very accommodating. 2) High standards for their service so if you aren't happy or have questions they will work to make sure it's perfect. 3) Responsive and timely! 4) The pricing is lower than the larger brands and you get more for your money.

Jason K.

Carrollton, TX

I'm SO happy!!!! Ahhh!! We used SimpliClean last year for an area rug and couch cleaning. I just hired them again for another rug and couch cleaning plus added my 4 kitchen chairs. Everything looks INCREDIBLE!!!!! Sean was so nice! Always appreciate someone you can have small conversation with. Bonus points that he loved our dog! She loves people so always appreciates when anyone will give her some attention lol. Thanks again for everything! Until next time! :)

Tina L.

Dallas, TX

We have used SimpliClean numerous times. They have clean our carpets and rugs. I even contacted them to help me get rid of red wine stains (twice) and they did a great job. They couldn't make any promises when I called but they were able to get the red wine stain out - yay! The people who came out were professional and were respectful of the property.

They are very responsive so making an appointment with them was super easy. I keep using them year over year. Thanks for all your help!

Gary H.

Richardson, TX

I regularly refer SimpliClean to my clients who are selling their homes. It is so important to have a home show as nicely as possible before it goes on the market and these guys have always get carpets looking great and helped me sell their homes quickly. Their communication and professionalism are top-notch. Very impressed with their service.

Office: 13355 Noel Rd Suite 1100; Dallas, TX 75240

Call (972) 848-5984


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